Nic DeSeelhorst


Nic DeSeelhorst

Real Estate Advisor

Unlock the full potential of your real estate dreams with Nic, a dedicated professional who leverages his unique background in Urban Ecology to enrich your buying or selling experience. From day one, Nic’s mission is to use his expertise to guide you through the complexities of real estate, ensuring your decisions are informed, strategic, and aligned with the latest urban planning insights.

Born and raised in the Wasatch, Nic has always been at home in nature and the bustling city of Salt Lake City alike. His journey through the meandering paths of academia concluded with a specialized degree in Urban Ecology from the University of Utah. This unique blend of knowledge in city and metropolitan planning arms Nic with a profound understanding of the interplay between urban development and natural environments, enabling him to offer unparalleled advice to those navigating the real estate market.

Transitioning from a promising path in city planning, Nic chose to follow his passion for the outdoors and ventured into the business world of outdoor recreation. This experience not only deepened his appreciation for nature but also honed his skills in sales and client service, laying a solid foundation for his successful career in real estate.

With three years of experience in the outdoor recreation e-commerce industry, Nic realized his true calling was in real estate, inspired by his family’s legacy in real estate development. His comprehensive approach to real estate is not just about transactions; it's about building communities and fostering sustainable development that benefits both buyers and sellers.

Choosing to work with Nic means gaining a partner who sees beyond the sale. His background in Urban Ecology enables him to offer unique insights into the sustainability and long-term value of properties, making him an invaluable asset to those looking to make informed, environmentally conscious real estate decisions.

Salt Lake City is not just where Nic works; it's where he lives, breathes, and continues to explore. Whether advising clients or enjoying the great outdoors, Nic’s commitment to excellence, sustainability, and client satisfaction remains unwavering. Partner with Nic to navigate the real estate market with confidence, backed by a deep understanding of urban ecology and a commitment to your success.

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